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What do we mean by “Integrated” Healing?

OpenSource Healing‘s mission is to include a myriad of approaches to wellness in the healing services we offer, teach, and share. Among the healing practices we incorporate are Reiki, meditations, plant medicine, aromatherapy, traditional counseling, art therapy and Feng Shui, shaman, crystal healing, Tarot and other intuitive readings.

We use our resources of expertise and knowledge in such various disciplines to integrate our healing approach. This integration makes the impact of these therapies stronger as they treat more than one aspect of our being, honouring it as a complex and exquisitely interconnected whole.

How Our Sessions Are Integrated

Personal Development: The Goal of Healing is Fulfilling Dreams

Our Open Source: Creating a Community Hub of Knowledge and Dialogue

Beyond borders: Personalized Healing Available Anywhere in the World

About Distance Healing

How Our Sessions Are Integrated

We use various healing practices in synergy — often within the same session — so that the collective impact of both therapies used together is greater than the sum effect of each used in isolation.

Our qualified practitioners have spent over a decade practicing these various modalities and find that they are hugely beneficial when working in synergy, rather than in  isolation.

Because we believe in integrating our healing modalities, when you book a simple “reiki session“, “tarot reading” or even a consultation with us, you will be seeing a healer whose expertise extends far beyond the one service you have booked. Our healers are attentive, compassionate and resourcefulthey will offer you additional healing modalities to the one you have booked as part of your session, and at no extra charge  if you would particularly benefit from one or more another approach. For example, during a Tarot reading, a reader might offer to perform a shaman practice of a “soul retrieval” — a kind of meditation where the healer travels through a landscape to discover where your soul is “stuck”, and frees it. Our healers take especial account of your needs, values, and situation and tailor your session to snugly fit you.

In other words, our healers have expertise in many approaches to wellness up their sleeve, and most times, can pull out just what the doctor ordered, so to speak :).

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From Healing to Fulfilling Dreams

We consider the goal of healing to be not only easing dis-eases, but to help others actualize their dream life –and we get specific.

At OpenSource Healing, personal development and healing are coextensive –that means that we offer services that help you get in touch with what you want, what blocks (internal or external) are preventing you from it, and support you in realizing your goals.

Your desire could be for a general goal such as gaining more confidence, improving your self-image and reducing anxiety; or a specific goal such as making your business more successful, learning how to promote yourself with social media, or how to optimize your work space so that you feel energized, inspired and productive.

Personal development is anything that leads to growth, change, learning, epiphanies, intuitive development, becoming more aware of your passions, depths, dreams and motivations, and gaining the skills (both hard and soft) that you need to be the most fulfilled and happy version of yourself.

In this vein, we have a vast array of classes, workshops, drop-in and support groups, for adults, teens, children, entrepreneurs, artists, media professionals, spiritual teachers and students — to lead you to realize your  most treasured dreams — this is the goal of our healing services.

Some examples of the classes, workshops we run:

The Visual You

Meditative, Rainbow, and Chakra Painting

Time for Me (drop-in group)

Be Here Now Ground

The Magic of Intuition (for kids)

New Bodhis, Old Souls

For a full index of programs, classes, workshops, drop-in groups: Click Here.

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Our OpenSource: Creating a Hub of Expertise, Research and Inquiry

Since we believe in the collective strength of integrated healing traditions, we are turning our site into a growing community: a hub where experts, students, and practitioners can contribute and and receive reliable and intriguing knowledge about alternative healing and wellness. We will share many articles from experts and research studies that can deepen our knowledge of our being, and introduce a dialogue between various streams of healing philosophies and practice.

We hope this dialogue will open our minds to how seemingly disparate healing philosophies can echo, complement and deepen each other. We are especially thrilled to include modern scientific studies that demonstrate  the effects of alternative practices such as Reiki upon the brain and our energy field.

If you have some reliable, interesting, specialized knowledge about subjects the lie within and around the alternative healing, we would love to hear from you. We always give proper credit and thanks to contributors. If you have ideas to share, email them to, and we’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

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Beyond Borders: Offering Healing Anywhere in the World

True to our OpenSource philosophy, we offer most of our sessions all over the world via Skype video calling, voice chat and phone – depending on clients preferences.

At OpenSource Healing it is in our healers’ ethics of practice to give clients their undivided, sincere, gentle and non-judgmental attention — we care sincerely about our clients wherever they be in the world, and offer many sessions via video calls through Skype. These sessions are adjusted to allow our client to feel that they are present with their healer — our healers sometimes employ calming and mirroring techniques to create the sense of a private space shared with their client. This aids them in their ‘tuning in’ to their client as well.

Note: While phone and audio sessions are offered in addition to video sessions, we recommend web cam sessions, as they provide the therapeutic value of seeing your healer listening and in conversation with you. Some healers may also more easily recommend remedies and healing homework to you if your situation is expressed somehow in your body, posture, aura, facial expressions. Feel free to email if you have any concerns about distance sessions.

Examples of distance healing sessions include:

  • Counseling and Meditations
  • Feng Shui Consultations

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Why Distance Healing is no Less Effective than In-Person Sessions

While some might understandably think that practices like Reiki can only be performed in-person, distance actually makes no difference to our Reiki practitioners — some Reiki masters actually prefer to practice distance healing as they find it more effective than in-person sessions.

As Reiki uses earth-energy, we are all connected to it and interconnected with each other, so physical distance does not interfere with its practice. Our distance Reiki sessions involve a conversation with the healer on the phone or by webcam, where the healer becomes familiar with the client’s concerns, builds a relationship of trust and openness,  and then “tunes in” to them on a deeply intuitive level.

For information about Reiki, including interviews with our healers click here.

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