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Living Each Day: Sacred Creation

Living Each Day: Sacred Creation

By on Aug 29, 2011 in News | 7 comments

I am not a tremendous fan as some of you know, of “new age thinking”.  I have mixed feelings about “The Secret”(“think and grow rich”) and some of the other New Age constructs that have been popular in the last few years.

But all of my current encounters have reminded me that there is awe-some power in gratitude and cultivating an attitude which responds to experiences by finding the kernel of joy even in painful moments.  This is a great way to get out of some of the mental scripts we can draw up for ourselves and get stuck in. Joy can be a choice, rather than something that just “happens” as a result of external triggers.  And there are many many ways to re-learn how to invoke a state of joy by choice.  It’s not always easy to choose to do this- sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck in misery or boredom or anger because that feels more like what you deserve, or what others expect you to be like, or it is familiar and is part of how you essentially see yourself.

I have no doubt whatsoever that when you move into the next moment with a transparent openness, or suspend judgement as to what a “positive experience” should be for it to be great for you, that suddenly the ways you can respond, react, create and develop the experience you want is tremendously empowered.

The more present and available you are to what is happening as it is happening, the easier it is to trick your mind into silence- or at least to prevent you from getting bound up in thoughts.

I am a tremendous advocate of thinking and the power of the intelligent brain we all possess, but to be open to the now moment means being able to use the power of your awesome mind to direct what is happening as it is happening, instead of playing with intangible “what ifs” and “this is like x past experience which means I should…”.

You can only take in as much from the universe as you are capable of receiving at any one time.  There is an infinite abundance of energy flowing but your container restricts how much you can take in. Your mind, your thoughts, your patterns of thinking, your behaviours, your programs, your constructs, your “whatevers”, your excuses, your blocks, your …. you get the idea…. take up space, mental and sometimes physical, emotional, and in different areas of your life and can prevent you from taking in new and potentially incredible and satisfying or supportive new experiences, energies or opportunities.

Imagine that your mind is like a radio or a television.  The dreams you want are on one channel.  But if you are listening to reruns you taped ages ago, you aren’t really able to fully receive what is currently on TV. Thoughts stuck on the past, are like being busy playing with a black and white atari, when the current technology is 3D sensor based gaming connected to the internet.  You miss out on so much of what is possible.

But that is OK.  At some point, you will want to upgrade, when you are ready.  Maybe that will be today.

Tonight, tomorrow, today, wherever you are and whenever you are reading this, please take a moment to stop whatever you are doing.  

Take a deep breath.

Fill your lungs with air and feel your heartbeat.   Feel your feet on the floor.  Wiggle your toes.  Look around.   Listen to the sounds around you.  Breathe in life, and breathe your next moment into being.  

Whatever you are feeling is ok.  Whatever you are doing is preparing you for what you will do next.  The choice of moving forward is entirely up to you.

As I say in my Living Art philosophy, “Your life is a canvas, a never ending act of sacred creation.”

The beauty of living each day is that you can always change the script. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Namaste Om.

Tav Rayne