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Enlightened Media

Reiki and Spiritual Development experiences and education to let your light shine. Support, media and professional development for spiritual beings, holistic practitioners and change-makers.  Enlightened Media Solutions combines the best of new media and web support with integral healing and spiritual practices.


From Healing to Fulfilling Dreams

We consider the goal of healing to be not only easing dis-eases, but to help others actualize their dream life –and we get specific.

At Enlightened Media Solutions we use a process called Open Source Healing (link).  Personal development and healing are coextensive –that means that we offer services that help you get in touch with what you want, what blocks (internal or external) are preventing you from it, and support you in realizing your goals.

Your desire could be for a general goal such as gaining more confidence, improving your self-image and reducing anxiety; or a specific goal such as making your business more successful, learning how to promote yourself with social media, or how to optimize your work space so that you feel energized, inspired and productive.

Personal development is anything that leads to growth, change, learning, epiphanies, intuitive development, becoming more aware of your passions, depths, dreams and motivations, and gaining the skills (both hard and soft) that you need to be the most fulfilled and happy version of yourself.

In this vein, we have a vast array of classes, workshops, drop-in and support groups, for adults, teens, children, entrepreneurs, artists, media professionals, spiritual teachers and students — to lead you to realize your  most treasured dreams — this is the goal of our healing services.

For a full index of programs, classes, workshops, drop-in groups: Click Here.